The Barefoot Homeopath Testimonials

Homeopathic Acute Care

A couple of winters ago I had a very bad case of flu.  I contacted Amy and she took my symptoms and advised homeopathic treatment. She really did a great job getting me through the flu.

I definitely recommend Amy Page for acute care !

Tikva Sasson, Israel

Moving in the right direction

I was in emotional pain when I called Amy.  I felt stuck in a situation and I needed to move forward.  Talking to Amy was like talking to a caring friend.  She walked me through questions she had to ask to find a helpful essence.  it was not so hard to answer her questions because she has a great, caring manner when dealing with me.  I felt heard and cared for. The remedy she gave me seemed to have a quick response.  I don't know how or why ti worked, but I was able to move in the right direction and am in a very good place now.

I will use Amy's services again.

Julie Cox, Illinois

Naughty cats benefit from homeopathy

I rescued an old Persian cat from the street and named him Charlie.  He is an indoor outdoor cat.  One day, he came home and his face was torn up from a fight.  I was frightened and took him to the vet.  The vet gave him medicine, but it wasn't working.  I called Amy and she prescribed a one time homeopathic treatment.  Within 24 hours, Charlie's face was almost completely healed up....within 36 hours, he was completely healed.

I had another rescue cat, a Sphinx.  She loved to escape and run away, because she was used to being on the streets.   One night she returned all scratched up, very sick, dehydrated. constipated and lethargic.  The vet tried medicine , but it didn't work.  Then, the cat,  Joy Bells, began to bleed like a human period.  I called Amy and she prescribed a one time homeopathic treatment and within 24 hours Joy Bells was completely better. 

I learned a valuable lesson.  Always call Amy first!

Chava Docks, Israel

A wonderful experience

I started working with Amy several months ago.  My experience has been absolutely wonderful!  She is a truly caring person who is genuinely interested in helping you succeed.  I've experienced much growth and healing, both physically and spiritually since I've started working with her.  She found the remedy that works for me and continues to find the flower essences that meet my needs.

She's very intelligent and good at what she does.

She's also gotten both of my kids through the flu this year.  One of those cases was a tough one.  Amy provided a great deal of support, talking to me and e-mailing with me figuring out which remedies were best for him throughout the week.  The support and expertise she provides is priceless.   

Kelli Buschmann, Illinois

Flower Of Life Testimonials


"I  was amazed with the healing steps through this program and am so glad  that I completed it with great results!"

Renee K, Green Bay, WI 

Flower of Life Intensive

This is one of the most comprehensive, challenging (healing/growth), and enlightening programs I've ever been on. Journaling is equally as essential as the essences...which reminds me, I need to write in my journal...  
Nora Kaleolani, Missouri

Energy Work Testimonials

Space clearing for a new apartment

Gerry did an amazing job at clearing the energies in my new apartment. I  could feel a dramatic difference between the way the apartment was  before and after the clearing. There was a sense of calm and peace  whereas before I felt a nervous tense energy.  My daughter told me that  before Gerry cleared out the apartment, she was afraid to enter.  She  didn't know why, but when I told her that Gerry had cleared out the old  energies and made way for new, happy, good energies, she understood what  she was feeling.

Thank you Gerry for the feeling of peace for our new start in life.

Chava Docks, Israel

Quick relief

When my son's fever spiked for the second time (that week), Amy talked to Gerry about working on him.  Gerry worked on him that evening and his fever immediately began to let up, he sat up and started feeling better.  The next day he was left with few symptoms and able to heal so much quicker. 

Amy and Gerry are an amazing team!  They are making a huge impact on my life and my family's life.  So grateful!

Kelli Buschmann, Illinois

Help through difficult times

Those  who know me well, know that I was born with scoliosis, so I must be  careful with my back. As you know, we are not just physical bodies, but  we are spiritual souls. Body and soul are connected. Over the past few  months, my family has had some difficult times, so the stress took its  toll. Yesterday, as I was walking my dog, by back completely gave out,  and I could barely walk. I knew that it was due to the emotional stress.  After Shabbat, I called Amy and she talked with her husband, Gerry. 

Gerry performed some energy healing on my back and now I'm able to walk as if  nothing had happened. Usually, I have to be taken (yes taken!) to a  chiropractor for immediate help. Gerry was able to clear out the  negative energies that had settled in my back.
How am I now? I was able to go to work, and now, I don't feel any pain or discomfort.

This, coupled with the homeopathic treatment that I'm receiving, has immensely helped me.

Chava Docks, Israel

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