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Gentle, yet profound

Flower essences targets emotions to create a gentle, yet profound change in consciousness by supplying positive virtues to negative states.  Not to be confused with essential oils, these essences are tried and true combinations most used in Amy's practice to create wellness opportunities for her clients.   If you do not see an essence that fits, contact Amy for a consultation. Amy provides "alternative medicine" in the form of Homeopathy and flower essences.

These essence formulas have been approved by Flower Essence Services, "they look very well-balanced"

One bottle typically lasts One month.  A card with instructions come with the essence and results are better over time so you may need to continue past one month, especially the Chronic State essences.  The illume essences are their own process.  Inquire further.

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Native American Rattles

Authentic and blessed Native American hand made rattle created from natural materials.

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All flower essences are handled with care.  I ship daily (unless the P.O. is closed) before 4pm through USPS. I offer free shipping on flower essences. If you want different considerations, contact me

The rattles are individually shipped through USPS as well.  contact if you want special considerations for shipping or if you're buying more than one rattle.