illume Flower Essence Combinations

illume essences carry very old energies which are created by carefully chosen flower essences. The illume essences are divided by four bodies. These bodies are physical, emotional, mental and astral. The goal of these essences is to invoke the illumination process for each body. At the core of the shamanic energy healing session’s lies the Illumination process.

Fundamentally, it works to stimulate the immune system by working directly with cellular memory in the energy fields of these four bodies. These essences provide combustion of the toxic energy around harmful imprints. From this, the power of the immune system is then replenished, and healing thus accelerated. The four bodies are addressed in reverse order as it was activated. Profound impact and revelations have occurred with the volunteer testers.

Your Commitment

Directions:  The process of illumination with these essences is four drops, four times a day in water-based drinks (hot or cold) or directly into mouth. You can add four drops to a large container and drink throughout the day.

Use each bottle for one week, seven days, in this order: 

1. Physical Body

2. Emotional Body

3. Mental Body

4. Astral Body

These essences are profound and it is important to continue them through 28 days. I recommend journaling the journey.


Depth of insight and clarity

I worked with Amy's new Flower Essence "illume" over a 4 week period.  During that time I experienced 2 Huge releases involving trauma in my life. Surrounding those releases was a depth of insight and clarity I had not experienced before.  Continually during that time I received a deeper understanding of my journey and those around me. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to heal and release those old patterns and tapes, and at the same time I did not feel brutalized by the process! Sincerely, Mary Losing

Helped to align my spirit

At first, after starting Illume, I felt very peaceful and a burden was lifted off of my soul. This usually occurs as the essence is cleaning out and healing my spirit. Then, my spirit opened up and I had different types of dreams....some to solve problems, some of deceased loved ones who had messages for me, and some just about life. In two of these dreams, my Spirit Guide came to me twice, the second time with a very clear message that he spoke directly to me. In another dream, I dreamed of a circle with intricate designs. 

I also noticed different types of animals that would come near me with a message. I started to find feathers near my front door, including a red feather. 

I noticed, too, when the essences helped to align my spirit, it affected my relationship with others. I was more patient and understanding. People felt relaxed around me. 

In general, I feel a transformation happening inside of me. I see things in the world for how they really are.

I HIGHLY recommend these essences that Amy puts together. I KNOW that Amy knows what she is doing, and that these essences can do wonders for other people, too, if they would only try. I have known Amy and Gerry for a long time, and they have helped me numerous times with many different services that they offer. They have a 100% success rating! I always go directly to Amy and Gerry whenever I need advice or help. 

Do not pass up this opportunity to work with Amy and take the essences! You won't regret it! 

Chava Nichole Docks