Gerry Page


Native American Shaman

Gerry Page is a Native American Shaman.   

Gerry started as a Reiki practitioner and found his true calling by harnessing the ancient wisdom which he inherently knows. Although he is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, he offers traditional South American Shamanic practices with his own personal touch. Each experience is unique as he uses breath, smoke, feathers, drum, and Native American flute in his work. Gerry has been working into his gifts for 9 years and continues to grow.   

Gerry searches for past traumatic situations, energetic disruptions, attachments and intrusions to remove them.  Clears the aura and activates Chakras to regain personal power.

Some other possibilities during a session: 

  • soul retrievals 
  • past life
  • helping to move through a current situation 

Gerry also repairs the energy field that surrounds the client to improve the ability to shield from unwanted energies.  

Each session is unique.  

Gerry also performs home or land clearings of spirits that are in a state of unrest and property blessings.

See the expectations and pricing pages for more information.   

A Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal member and U.S. Navy Veteran.