Garrett Page


Krystal Star, The Chicken Whispers

Garrett Page has a strong affinity for the natural world.  He has worked closely with crystals, plants and animals for most of his short life. Garrett offers a unique opportunity to help small animals with his gentle energy work.  Don't be fooled, he's done some amazing sessions by clearing negative energy,   attachments and performed regeneration.  Garrett is Reiki II certified.   He is coming into his potential for this stage of his life.  See Expectations page for more information.

It was only natural for Garrett to become certified to work with crystals.   As a Certified Crystal Reader™ through courses with Hay House, he gives crystal readings, provides crystals advice for your situation and various other fun crystal options upon request.  Garrett, as the Krystal Star, plans to teach about crystals and crystal grids.   Crystals are important part of Shamanic Passage because they focus energy and magnify the Divine light.

Call for details.

Garrett is also a chicken entrepreneur as The Chicken Whispers.  Passionate love for his chickens, he provides eggs and laying hens to the community.  Notably he sold chickens to The St Louis Science Center Grow Exhibit and volunteered his time to educate visitors.  These are special hens that are fed a no soy/corn diet from New Country Organics.  Eggs available on a limited basis, so call now.  Garrett is also available for consultation and lectures about chickens. Contact him directly at or (636) 748-0177.  

"God's first-hand creations are all around us. And what can be a higher manifestation of our love for God than a caring attitude to them, or building our lives, our own well-being and that our children with the help of these Divine Creations?" The Ringing Cedars of Russia, Book 5

A  Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal member.