Amy is so grateful to bring this transformative system to you!

Stop being a master of survival and start living!

I offer skills and tools for you to master your life. 5 months of homeopathy, flower essences and a 32 page self exploration and tool book all geared to thrust you into a more conscious and balanced way of life.
Stop reacting and start loving the here and now.. 

Flower of Life essences has the potential for powerful spiritual alignment. These essences can help to overcome fears, create openings where previously closed, assist in connecting to the higher-self, stronger self-awareness & provide a pathway to enlightenment by revealing the innate harmony in the template of all life.

I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. - Louise Hay

Flower of Life Essence System


FIVE month Soul's Journey

An intensive but comprehensive five months of releasing, restoring, understanding, allowing, and returning to faith by moving into alignment with grace. This system is perfect for those that want to achieve true spiritual growth and re-connection to the brilliance of the Soul.

The five step process:

  • Month 1 - Let Go
    • Remove unwanted energies by cleansing and clearing your aura, creating a better environment by giving freedom from outside influences, and strengthening your defenses by raising your vitality. In combination with  soothing this process, creating strength and most importantly providing grounding 
  • Month 2 - Truth Shall Set You Free
    • Potentially helps with disillusionment created by releasing what no longer serves you, with a deep understanding of where you've been and what changes you need to make, and a protective compliment during this process
  • Month 3 - Allow the Flow
    • Potential to help "land the plane", working to find the correct path in life, mastering the physical realm, developing your own individuality & deep connectivity, set healthy boundaries, and to dump procrastination. 
  • Month 4 - Let Us Set Aside Our Egos
    • To move forward in a state of grace with an open heart, gently stepping on the Earth for the common good creating wholeness. Don't be fooled, this phase also develops your Godly warrior strength.
  • Month 5 - Coming Into Alignment
    • Potential to align you with the Earth (especially through the body and feet), amplify an inner listening to others and to higher worlds (especially in dreams and meditation), sharing one's spiritual gifts with others and also a clearer spiritual insight and vision. 

A complete flower essence package with homeopathy

Package details

Included in the first five months, personal composites made of high quality essences.  Yes, that's five individually chosen combination of essences specific to you!  You will have a homeopathic consult with Amy that will last from 1-3 hours for your first month.  The other four months will typically be shorter once you are established, depending upon changes. The eight specially created essence combinations are named, in order: 

  1. Release & Restore
  2. Understanding & Protection
  3. Destiny
  4. Grace & Faith
  5. Success & Alignment

You get nine special combinations with your five individual combinations! Wow, right!?  Amy's not done yet!  With this system, you get more than the essences.  You'll receive a folder with tips and hints for Souls journey.  This package includes a take-home workbook of over 30 pages, a journal and other information about who Amy and the Shamanic team are and miscellaneous information.


Specific documents for the Flower of Life system.  The Take-home workbook is only provided after purchase of the system.

Files coming soon.


Flower of Life flower essences


Flower of Life essence system is made from reputable sources such as Bach (English), Flower Essence Society (American) and Australian Bush Flower Essences (Australian). They are just that, the essence of a flower, tree or even water. Composites are created following Bach’s method by using quality spring water, brandy, and drops of prepared essences. Brandy is used to preserve the essences but still take care to store them in a cool, dry place. If you want longer storage options, the refrigerator is an excellent option. Each bottle has the maximum number of essences and must be taken separately.   The response of this package is on an individualistic level as unique as each one of us. It is all about individuality. Therefore Amy cannot predict your response and will not understand until you contact her of where you are and where you need to be.  Communication is key.  While you have a comprehensive take-home package to work on, Amy will work with you to try to complete your goals.

Please note:

The best responses Amy has had with this system are with those who are fully committed to themselves and really want this transition.  Whether you have a major obstacle or not, she provides as much care and assistance as needed.

Honesty with self is a must.


Flower Essence System Testimonials


"I was amazed with the healing steps through this program and am so glad that I completed it with great results!"

Renee Kirchen, Green Bay, WI

Get to the root

"Amy Page has this amazing ability to get to the root of things. A true healer in every sense of the word. She will speak the hard truths we need to hear, but with love and compassion. She’s a perfect combination of a kick in the rear-end, and a warm, knowing hug. Through Amy, I’ve discovered so much about myself, the shadow and the light, and she knows just how to move you up and out where needed. I am halfway through her 5 month program, and I’ve experienced more healing and growth in these few months under Amy’s care than in years of traditional therapy. "

Andrea D, Indianapolis, IN

Comprehensive, Challenging and Enlightening

"This is one of the most comprehensive, challenging (healing/growth), and enlightening programs I've ever been on. Journaling is equally as essential as the essences...which reminds me, I need to write in my journal..."  Nora Kumu Kaleolani, Rainbow Aloha, St Charles, MO

Changed Trajectory

"The release has had me spending the last couple weeks coming face to  face with old, outdated belief patterns and thoughts, and releasing  things that no longer serve me. The Restore has gently showed me  creative ways to put new ideas, thoughts, and feelings in action to  replace the old ones, and finding the courage to even look at all this  to begin with!!"

" It assisted in changing the trajectory of my life "

Shelly Hogan, Breath Mamma, St Louis, MO

It works

"I have been through Amy’s Flower of Life program and I can tell you, it  works.  It supports one’s self healing journey of discovery on a  multi-dimensional level. I have released and shifted to such a degree  that I feel much more prepared to step fully into my soul’s purpose.   Amy is in complete energetic alignment with her soul work and her  essences are infused with Divine Light."
Anahata Roche, Crystal Therapy by Anahata, St Louis, MO


"I have been through Amy's 5 month package.  What a transformation!  The  best part is, Amy is SO supportive and there for you every step of the  way to support you in any way she can.   She offers support through homeopathic remedies, additional flower  essences, an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on.  No matter what  you are experiencing, Amy can support you and help you through it with  ease.  She cares so much and is extremely knowledgeable.  I have used  many of her flower essences, in addition to what is in her package, and  it continues to amaze me how healing they are and how well they work!  I  highly recommend her services and products! "

Carol Benn, A Sacred Odyssey, Kirkwood, MO

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