Flower Essence FAQ


What are flower essences

Flower essences are water-based extracts used to help mind-body health, soul growth and emotional well-being.  I like to say, they work on the emotional level and connect to the Soul.  They work beautifully with homeopathy as a compliment but in their own right, they are their own modality.  Profound changes have occurred with just the essences.

Where, who and when did flower essences originate

The more modern use of flower essences was primarily developed and attributed to Dr. Edward Bach who was an English physician and homeopath in the 1930s.  He prepared the 38 flower remedies, mostly from English flowers.  Most widely known is the Bach formula, Rescue Remedy.

I have studied all of the English flowers extensively, taught them and utilize them in many of my formulas.

I purchase most of my essences from Flower Essence Services.  In agreement for me to use their high quality essences, I submit my product for their approval.

How are essences prepared

Many people want to smell my essences but they do not smell.  What it is, flower essences are diluted herbal infusions prepared from flowers, trees and even one from a particular source of water!  The process is collecting the fresh, dew-filled blossoms in the early morning on clear, sunny days.  They float on the surface of a bowl of water and irradiated by the warmth and light of the sun for several hours.  This process creates an energetic imprint of the etheric energy pattern of the flower.  The water is now embodying the healing archetype of the plant.  You see, water captures the "vibration" or "frequency" of the plant material and is a carrier.  For a very good explanation of how water can carry a vibration, learn Dr Emoto's work.

I purchase "stock" essences that is preserved with alcohol and further diluted from the "mother essence".  

Use with prescriptions medicines: Because these essences are essentially the energetic imprint of a flower, vibrational therapy,  the impact is not from direct physical or chemical intervention in the body so they can be used in conjunction with other therapies, including prescribed medication for both physical and emotional ailments. It is importa for anyone taking prescribed medications to have their condition professionally monitored and not to attempt to discontinue medication without supervision.

How to use flower essences

I do provide instructions on how to use the essences after purchase with the essence or described in detail in my wellness package from consultation.   Each bottle, created by me, are dosage bottles.   That means, they are ready to take as per my instructions.

They are typically taken orally from the blue or frosted dropper bottles.  Each bottle of prepared essence should last a month when utilized per instructions.  The more common standard dosage is four drops four times a day.  I typically recommend adding four drops to a large bottle of water and drink throughout the day.

There are many other ways to use them, such as in a cream base, in baths or spritzes.  I send spritzes to professionals as they will spritz their clients with my formulas.

Store the essences in a cool dry place out of the sunlight.  For longer storage, place in refrigerator.  Those sensitive to alcohol, please read FES FAQ.

Can more than one essence be used at a time

All of my essences that I create are not to be added to or combined with another essence.  I typically use seven essences in my combinations as I've found these to be most effective with my clients.  Seven essences are the maximum number for formulas.

Now, with my Flower of Life essence system, I utilize up to three combinations in the same day but at separate times.

Can flower essences be used with other modalities

Flower essences are gentle healers that work very well as a complimentary modality or as a stand-alone therapy.  While I prefer to integrate them with homeopathy, other practitioners have other preferences.

Flower essences and homeopathy are kindred yet they have important differences.  Similar in that they are both based on energetic; rather than biochemical principles and physically diluted.  Both modalities work with the persons healing process rather than suppression.

Homeopathy was developed by the Law of Similars, "Like Cures Like".  I like to describe flower essences to provide positive virtues of negative states.

The differences in preparation and usage: Flower essences are made exclusively from fresh blossoms of plants, whereas homeopathic remedies are made from mineral, plants, animal or human substances.  As a Classical Homeopath, I may give one dose of a homeopathic remedy and tell my client to wait and observe changes.  Flower essences are best to be taken over time, typically daily.