What to expect from the Shamanic Passage Team

We work by appointment only. Please utilize the website to select the appointment you desire. As professionals, the team requires customers to sign agreements before the sessions. If the work is remote, then the team will ensure you have an opportunity to sign and send back prior to your appointment. 

When setting up the appointment, indicate allergens, sensitivities and fears as there are animals on the premises. In Shamanic practices, smoke may be used. Flower essences contain alcohol for preservation. Communication and comfort are a very important aspect of our practice.

Session with Gerry Page

When you have a session with Gerry Page, you will be greeted and escorted to a quiet room and given the opportunity to freely communicate with him your troubles and expectations. You'll be asked to remove your shoes, communication devices and outer clothing (such as a coat). You will then go to the therapy room, greeted by Native American animal medicine and asked to lie comfortably on the massage table, a warm Richway BioMat is heated and a blanket and pillow is available at your request. 

During the session, the room has subtle lighting. Gerry may use sounds, smoke, or spritzes. It is unique to the individual and very ceremonial. It is highly suggested that you pause before leaving. Sessions with Gerry have the potential to put you in an altered state. By pausing, you will give yourself time to adjust. The environment is quite friendly and comfortable so have a glass of clean water or hot herbal tea and relax if you like. 

Gerry offers remote services. Please contact the team for details.

Session with Amy Page

Amy Page provides multiple services which can be in person or remote.  Amy does not share the same spaces with her husband so two services can occur at the same time.  Amy utilizes the phone, Skype or Zoom for remote homeopathic, flower essences and other consultations.

Enjoy the fun Snooks videos provided by Find A Homeopath
Meet the Snooks and enjoy this series of short animations about homeopathy. The Snooks will take you on a journey to discover the benefits of homeopathy and what to expect as a client when seeking professional, individualized homeopathic treatment.

Flower essence consultations is not as in depth and usually is only 1 hour of your time where as homeopathy can be between 2 - 4 hours.

Session with Garrett Page

Garrett assists Gerry and Amy.

Garrett also offers one-on-one consultations with clients regarding chickens or crystals (parents present of course).   If interested, please contact the team directly and discuss how this can assist you. 

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Please contact the team for directions and availability as they work in home and remotely.
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