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I'm so very happy to offer you these tried and true formulas!  See below to review the different flower essence combinations.  Still not sure what an essence is?  Be sure to review the FAQ page.  By targeting emotions, flower essences gently assist in developing a more enjoyable life experience.  Are you ready?

All essences combos have been approved by Flower Essence Services.

Specialty Flower Essence



Excellent for a more acute vs chronic state (see below, Chronic State Flower Essence, for definition of chronic/acute).
Believe is an amazing essence designed to help a person regain hope and faith.  Whether it is from their current life experience or simply helping to believe that a flower essence can help them.  Be ready to begin some major changes because I believe you can do this.
My current customers who want to help friends and family enjoy purchasing this one as a gift for their loved ones.


Calm  creates serenity during stressful situations. This essence relieves  anxiety during ties of chaos and change. Gracefully, it soothes  emotional upsets. Specifically designed to ease transitions and quiet  the mind of reoccurring thoughts. 


Grounding is for the daydreamers, with a lack of concentration, easily  distracted and just down right hyper. Becoming impatient with a bit of melancholy. Helps to get a little more control and teaching them to have better boundaries. This  essence also helps a child sleep well by protecting and solving nightly issues.

For adults and  children alike.  


What can we have more of when we are grieving?

As the song goes, love mends a broken heart. This essence is love in a bottle.  It's not to help you forget your loved one. On the contrary,  this essence helps to nourish the bonds that you had while honoring self.

"I am gentle with myself.  I allow myself to work through grief."


Embrace "the change"!

Are you ready to embrace this powerful transition time as you move through the change of life?  Try Nurture.

This flower essence combo was specifically created for women. 

May you move through this time with ease and grace.


When  we are going through our personal growth, we encounter times when we  don't feel protected energetically.  This essence has some excellent  qualities to help protect an individual from various sources of negative  energies. It has the potential to restore the aura from damages  occurred, protects the energy field from outside influences and adds  inner strength.  Don't get me wrong, this is not a crutch but merely a  tool to help you through tough times.  

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