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I'm so very happy to offer you these tried and true formulas!  See below to review the different flower essence combinations.  Still not sure what an essence is?  Be sure to review the FAQ page.  By targeting emotions, flower essences gently assist in developing a more enjoyable life experience.  Are you ready?

All essences combos have been approved by Flower Essence Services.

Specialty Flower Essence



Excellent for a more acute vs chronic state (see below, Chronic State Flower Essence, for definition of chronic/acute).
Believe is an amazing essence designed to help a person regain hope and faith.  Whether it is from their current life experience or simply helping to believe that a flower essence can help them.  Be ready to begin some major changes because I believe you can do this.
My current customers who want to help friends and family enjoy purchasing this one as a gift for their loved ones.


Embrace "the change"!

Are you ready to embrace this powerful transition time as you move through the change of life?  Try Nurture.

This flower essence combo was specifically created for women. 

May you move through this time with ease and grace.


Grounding is for the daydreamers, with a lack of concentration, easily  distracted and just down right hyper. Becoming impatient with a bit of melancholy. Helps to get a little more control and teaching them to have better boundaries. This  essence also helps a child sleep well by protecting and solving nightly issues.

For adults and  children alike.  


What can we have more of when we are grieving?

As the song goes, love mends a broken heart. This essence is love in a bottle.  It's not to help you forget your loved one. On the contrary,  this essence helps to nourish the bonds that you had while honoring self.

"I am gentle with myself.  I allow myself to work through grief."

Chronic State Flower Essence

Chronic State Flower Essence Combinations

Chronic state means being stuck in a pattern.   I am a  professionally trained Classical Homeopath and we use words such as  Chronic, Acute, etc to describe a client's current state. Typically when  a person comes to a homeopath, they are in a chronic state and may only suffer  an acute state temporarily. Acute states are bee stings, bruising, a  bite, etc. Chronic states are much deeper and lasts much longer. They  are considered a pattern a person is in which needs to be untangled and  reversed with a homeopathic remedy(ies). 

Chronic  state, in my mind, is a state which is deep and long standing, a  pattern, so these essences are created for a long standing situation  such as lack of boundaries. Boundaries is an excellent essence proven to  help you to emotionally stabilize and create boundaries. These essences help to  provide the positive virtues of the negative state.

Tried and true  formulas that are most used in my practice.  By targeting emotions,  flower essences gently assist in developing a more enjoyable life  experience. 

These essences are created by using quality spring water, brandy, and drops of prepared essences. Brandy is used to preserve the essences but still take care to store them in a cool, dry place. If you want longer storage options, the refrigerator is an excellent method. Dosage: I recommend adding four drops to a large bottle of water or water-based beverage and drink throughout the day. Reapply four drops for new beverages.  Just so you do NOT mix the combinations together or add other essences.  If you have concerns about the alcohol, please contact me.

Children essences are a future project.  Please contact me if you are wanting an essence for a child.  The Chronic State essences typically pertain to children in puberty through adulthood.  

These essences are created for chronic states and to be used for one full month or until the bottle is empty. Results are individualistic. It is highly recommended to obtain a consult for the second month and so forth. These essences are not intended to replace professional medical care. For more information, email thebarefoothomeopath@outlook.com
I have been approved to utilize Flower Essence Services prepared essences in my combinations.  For more information,  visit www.fesflowers.com


Chronic State Flower Essence Combo Descriptions



Do you find yourself asking for advice, unable to make solid decisions for yourself or forever seeking? Do you tend to make decisions for others because you know better as a leader? Is your path unclear and need direction?

Are you ready to make solid decisions for your life and get on the right path?

Lovely essence to help get you on your path and start listening to your inner self instead of outside influences.

 "I am ready and willing to grow up and make decisions based on my own inner guidance." - Louise Hay


Do you find yourself caught up in polarities whether it is your mind or body?  Are you trying to gain control of your life with discipline and self-mastery? Do you work hard at perfectionism and even borderline compulsiveness? 

Are you ready to loosen up and have more fun? Don't you think it's time to let go and be more flexible?

Control tends to be the state which relates to the do-ers.  Always doing and making sure everything is right. 


Are you a truly compassionate person who wants to help others but finds yourself being taken advantage of and somehow you are apologizing? Do you find that your love is not reciprocated or worse? Do you wish you were stronger and attracted more true love? 

Are you ready to create healthy boundaries, let go and make positive changes in your life?

I purposely chose angel wings because this state is truly the angel state.  They give and give because they care so much but you, my angel, need to remember to receive as well.


Would you rather spend time alone than working with others but you continue because you provide objectivity and calm within the storm? Do you continue to make the same mistakes? Does it make you feel more comfortable to identify other’s mistakes to confirm your humanity?

Are you ready to step out of your safe place, be more tolerant and become the person you are meant to be?

I like to think of Karma as Wonder Woman is ready to live her life off of her protected island and fulfill her destiny.


We have preconceived notions of how our life should have been and when we decide to make a change, we get out there and experience loneliness and want to go back or hold our-self back because of our loss. 

This essence combination gives the person freedom from past situations and relationships.


Seem to resonate with all of them?  not sure where to start?

Start with Direction and work your way through the essences.  There is a natural progression.

If you don't find something that fits your current state, then contact me and we'll see what we can do for you.



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