Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship Training



The Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship is an advanced course of study. Applicants must apply and be accepted into the program in order to begin the training. The curriculum is designed specifically for energy workers who wish to dedicate themselves to practicing energy work through Shamanism on a higher professional level. While each apprentice will be working directly with Gerry Page, the program is actually structured so each apprentice becomes aware and learns from their guides as well. The following is an overview of the program.


Gain practical knowledge and deepen the understanding of Shamanism.

Develop the confidence and skill to effectively support clients.

Access to mentorship and support throughout the training.

Conscious guidance in everyday life situations.

Have an advanced discipline to demonstrate your commitment to your professional practice.

Develop spiritual connection to source energy. 


Prioritize for the level of commitment to the teachings and profession. Emergencies and weather are considered valid cancellations and absences, otherwise class participation is mandatory.

Pay for initial Shamanic Energy session. 

Prior to initial energy session, interview with Shamanic Passage. 

This is a pay-as-you-go program. Payment shall be made at the beginning of each class.  

Contact us directly for pricing.

Requirements after being accepted into the program

Commit to the coursework and classes.

Since this is an apprenticeship, no more than six candidates shall be taught at one time.

Devotion to this program is absolute and mandatory.

Apprenticeship Training Outline

Basics of Shamanism

To learn general information about Shamanism. How Shamanism is used in everyday life. Learn basic tools and about ethics. 

Fundamentals of Shamanism

Start to build the sacred space, learn techniques, and practice the art of journeys.  

Methodology of Shamanism

Learn and practice the art of ceremonies, initiations.

Advanced Methodology

Learn and practice the art of entering other states of consciousness and what to do when you get there. 

Shamanic Ceremonial Healing Sessions

Learn what happens during a Shamanic healing session and how to do them. 

Property Clearings

How to properly clear and protect a property. 

Build your professional practice

Guidance and assistance to build your professional practice properly.


Download, print, and send acknowledged and signed document back to Shamanic Passage via .pdf or contact us for the mailing address.

Indicate whether you prefer weekend or weeknight classes.

Shamanic Apprenticeship Application (pdf)