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The Barefoot Homeopath

“By blending homeopathy, flower essences and spirituality, it is my intent to be a lighthouse for the Soul and to help my clients through their spiritual journey in this lifetime.” 

Here's Amy's story


 Amy knew there needed to be changes in the health of her family and animals so she went to various modalities and then found the power of Homeopathy. Homeopathy began changing her life and the lives of her loved ones. It was suggested to her to go to school and become a Homeopath as she was seeking knowledge.  After completing 500 hours of classical homeopathy school in 2014 with Academy of Classical Homeopathy now Academy of Homeopathy Education. Currently working towards certification.  Honored to have studied under the late Dr Glen Dupree, DVM.   Amy embarked on a journey as The Barefoot Homeopath.   Amy went from being an Information Assurance Manager for the Department of the Air Force to a Homeopath. How’s that for change?  For more information regarding Homeopathy, see the Expectations page.

Flower Essences

One day, a homeopath had advised Amy a combination of Bach Flower Essences and it took off!  She now teaches and utilizes flower essences from various sources such as Flower Essence Services and Australian Bush Flower Essences.   Amy LOVES the alchemy of the essences and enjoys sharing them with her clients.

Flower of Life

​This is everything Amy has to offer. It’s a beautiful and transformative package. Life circumstances helped Amy to create an entire system called Flower of Life. This is a five-month process which has the potential to clear the way for a powerful spiritual alignment by really understanding and accepting self. 

As life is always changing, we are called to do more.  Amy now offers her most common flower essence combos in our online store .

Contact Amy directly for Homeopathic services at  Amy is a U.S. Navy Veteran and a member of Flower Essence Services and National Center for Homeopathy.

Amy's Practice

I am an active partner in Shamanic Passage with my husband.  We work together to get to the core issues of our clients.  Our son consists of our "team" as well.  We are truly blessed.

As a professionally trained Classical Homeopath who specializes in flower essences, you have the potential to make great strides with your new commitment to health by working with me.  

Flower Power

Let's Revolutionize

What a revolutionary way to get flower essence treatment!  These powerful flower essence combinations I create are tried and true formulas.  These are the ESSENCE of flowers, not essential oils.  Check out my FAQ page.

Nine combinations without consultation

Can't get much more convenient, can we?  Just order them online through our store with free shipping or pick them up at one of the local stores that offer my essences.

Not sure?

If you have difficulty selecting an essence, contact me via and I'll be happy to help you.


"call your second self, dear granddaughter, soul. 

YOUR soul. 

And cherish it, and act in accord with this limitless soul of yours." - The Space of Love