Amy Page


The Barefoot Homeopath

“By blending homeopathy, flower essences and spirituality, it is my intent to be a lighthouse for the Soul and to help my clients through their spiritual journey in this lifetime.” 

My personal evolution


I knew there needed to be changes in the health of my family, animals and self so I sought and tried various modalities. Once I found the power of homeopathy, it began changing my life and the lives of my beloved. As I was ever seeking knowledge, it was suggested for me to go to school and become a Homeopath.  

After completing 500 hours of classical homeopathy school in 2014 with Academy of Classical Homeopathy (now Academy of Homeopathy Education), I embarked on a journey as The Barefoot Homeopath.   I went from being an Information Assurance Manager for the Department of the Air Force with a military background to a Homeopath.

I feel the military background helped me to be an objective observer, to have integrity, and create a sense of support, safety and comfort for my clients. 

The majority of my clients have been intuitives, as a healer’s healer. I enjoy working with clients who are ready to take their personal goals to the next level.

I have a deep level of understanding personal evolution through my own growth. I recognize patterns and triggers within my clients so they can master their reactions to create an empowered life.  My tools extend through the power of Flower Essences, hence my graphic of “Flower Power”. 

Flower Essences

One day, a homeopath had advised me a combination of Bach Flower Essences to make a very personal and difficult decision and it took off!  I now teach and utilize flower essences from various sources such as Flower Essence Services and Australian Bush Flower Essences.   I LOVE the alchemy of the essences and enjoy sharing them with my clients.

I have created special combinations for sale without consultation. These essences are for grieving, ungrounded, change-of-life and the need for hope and faith. I call them my Specialty Flower Essence blends and have been approved by Flower Essence Services.


illume essences are near and dear to my heart because I was chosen for these. It was not my original thought but I rose to the occasion and the divine alchemy came to me expediently. It has been my pleasure, in service, to generate such very old energies created with so much love and care.

The illume essences are divided by four bodies. These bodies are physical, emotional, mental and astral. The goal of these essences is to invoke the illumination process for each body. At the core of the shamanic energy healing session’s lies the Illumination process.

Fundamentally, it works to stimulate the immune system by working directly with cellular memory in the energy fields of these four bodies. These essences provide combustion of the toxic energy around harmful imprints. From this, the power of the immune system is then replenished, and healing thus accelerated. The four bodies are addressed in reverse order as it was activated. Profound impact and revelations have occurred with the testers.

These essences have been approved by Flower Essence Services; whom I diligently submit case reporting to. I sell these in-person and online.

Flower of Life

​This is everything I have to offer; homeopathy, flower essences and guidance. It’s a beautiful and transformative package. Life circumstances helped me to create an entire system called Flower of Life. This is a five-month process which has the potential to clear the way for a powerful spiritual alignment by really understanding and accepting self. To begin the journey, I screen clients through a homeopathic consultation to verify they are ready for this level of commitment. The Flower of Life shall become a way of life with the thoughtful curriculum I’ve added that steps through the months of essences with advice, messages, personal development, soul-searching and eye-opening information. This package also consists of 15 flower essence combinations that walk the client through the steps to ascension and at the same time, embedding tools to complete the journey. The first month shakes the tree to Release, let go of control, and Restore. The second month moves through disillusionment with Understanding, creating sufficient boundaries, and adding personal Protection. The third month clears the path with Destiny, removing distractions and hones in direction. The fourth month begins to realign with the Divine by creating humbleness with Grace, removing co-dependency with freedom, and developing Faith. Month five is bringing upon the higher energies through the essences Alignment, breaking karmic patterns, and connecting to higher creativity with Success. The goal of full discernment generally takes longer than 5-months but now you have the tools to succeed. The process is individualistic and requires a personal commitment.

As life is always changing, we are called to do more and I am ever developing and creating from the heart. 

To learn more, please go to my website.

Amy's Practice

I am an active partner in Shamanic Passage with my husband, Gerry Page. We work together to get to the core issues of our clients. Our son, Garrett Page, consists of our team as well. We are truly blessed.

As a professionally trained Classical Homeopath specializing in flower essences, with a deep personal growth understanding, working with me creates a potential to make great strides with my clients new commitment to health. 

I work from my home, visiting venues to educate seekers about various topics and sell my products.


In my work previous history I had worked as a technical writer and I have brought this forward creating solid documentation for my practice. My Flower of Life curriculum is over 100 pages. I have special cards to go with the essences that I sell and I’ve created much marketing documentation to provide further explanation of my modalities and services available. The business website is of my design and all the special offerings on the website such as the store and bookings.

Notable Testimonies

  • "Amy Page has this amazing ability to get to the root of things. A true healer in every sense of the word. She will speak the hard truths we need to hear, but with love and compassion. She’s a perfect combination of a kick in the-rear-end, and a warm, knowing hug. Through Amy, I’ve discovered so much about myself, the shadow and the light, and she knows just how to move you up and out where needed. I am halfway through her 5 month program, and I’ve experienced more healing and growth in these few months under Amy’s care than in years of traditional therapy. " Andrea D, Indianapolis, IN
  • "I have been through Amy’s Flower of Life program and I can tell you, it works. It supports one’s self-healing journey of discovery on a multi-dimensional level. I have released and shifted to such a degree that I feel much more prepared to step fully into my soul’s purpose. Amy is in complete energetic alignment with her soul work and her essences are infused with Divine Light."  Anahata Roach, The Crystal Coach , St Louis, MO
  • “I am a shamanic practitioner and star healer. I will only work with those of high integrity and Amy Page has a pure heart. There was no doubt in my mind that the Illume Essences would benefit me for a deeper cleansing and clearing. As soon as I began using the essences, I felt an immediate shift and I mean rapid changes took place. The vibrational frequency and intention held within the Illume Essences is extremely magnified. I moved through some powerful shifts on all levels of my consciousness and I had so much fun playing with the essences. There are not enough words to describe these incredible essences. Everyone should be on them.” Beth Ann Thater-Maune, Unlock Your Souls Purpose, Wright City, MO
  • “I became stronger within myself. Fears and doubts just faded away. I became more peaceful, calm and confident within myself. Letting go is now a way of Life. Amy's knowledge about the mind, body and spirit is astounding. Just having a conversation with Amy is transformational. I highly recommend the Flower Essences and Amy's ability, as a Practitioner, to help and heal individuals, who are willing to heal themselves. My growth with Amy far exceeded my expectations. It was fast, gentle and easy. Amy offers great support during this transition.” Marisa Cooper, Reiki Practitioner, Australia


Evolve with Homeopathy and Flower Essences

When you were created, you were designed as a particular constitutional type. Although unique, you will grow to fit a “pattern.” It is an expression of the constitution. Each human born into this life is destined to live through experiences designed around personal patterns. These patterns are valuable lessons to be utilized as growth tools. Triggers come into your life to activate these patterns causing reactions. Our reactions are the most powerful tool we have to make these lessons harder or easier. It is our free will.

As a spiral, we repeat patterns and attract situations and in turn trigger reactions.  In essence, this is a very deep level of the Law of Attraction. Not everything we experience is known to us. We carry our beliefs and emotional responses at the subconscious level.

To complicate matters, as humans we carry forward past-life traumas and are also tied to ancestral experiences. The further we move in the healing process, the more these past influences come forth. The spiral will become easier to navigate as you become more aware of your patterns and triggers. It takes an amazing effort to go on the journey and work on more than just this life. I have found that homeopathy can bring the past life forward, and energy work can help to remove the trauma quicker.

The constitutional susceptibility can create very difficult or lesser traumatic situations. These situations are meant for you to learn from them, to grow strong and wise. It’s the human experience. Scenarios carried out by those who are placed in your life, I call facilitators, through contract agreements prior to birth. Contracts do end, but the power in the situation is being capable of letting go. 

Now, if the childhood was traumatic, there are layers added to your constitution. Depending upon what type of trauma occurred, the necessary types of treatment can vary. As adults, it’s possible to develop these patterns of trauma, drama, and susceptibilities if our past traumas are not treated at early ages. Remember, the way to help these events is to change the response to triggers. In my experience I have found homeopathy and flower essences to be the best sources to “remedy” the response to triggers and change the attraction. Be careful to not “suppress” the expression with other modalities. Suppression is when you put the proverbial bandage over the reaction of a trigger with say, mood altering drugs. Not wanting to feel is to turn off your humanity switch. “I don’t want to feel that emotion anymore.” Let me explain more about suppression.

On the physical layer, say a mother puts diaper rash ointment on her child and then the child develops asthma—this follows the pattern of a constitution type. A homeopath can recognize this. Why would a skin issue turn into a lung issue? Because the amazing body is so intelligent that it begins to show “problems” through the skin. These problems are messengers. The skin is the least important organ of the body, and once the signal from the body is suppressed at that level, the body has no choice but to express through another organ of more importance, such as the lungs. This is a simple example of suppression for the physical layer. 

Our physical bodies store emotions in cellular memory. The messenger will be subtle at first and will eventually develop into physical illness or pain—a call to action. Surgeries, steroids, etc. only remove the expression, thus suppressing the underlying cause. This is why it is possible to experience an old injury or pain after taking a homeopathic remedy. The body is trying to correct its lost expression and heal properly.

Emotional states are triggered by outside experiences through the mental or belief layer. It is our beliefs, developed as a child, and predisposition of the constitution that influence our emotional states. My illume essences are based upon the layers of physical, emotional, mental, and astral.

Fundamentally, illume works to stimulate the vital force by working directly with cellular memory in the energy fields of these four bodies. These essences provide combustion of the toxic energy around harmful imprints. From this, the power of the immune system is then replenished, and healing thus accelerated. The four bodies are addressed in reverse order as they was activated or triggered.

I have also found that most of my clients will move through very specific, yet standard, emotional states. These states are victimization, trauma, insufficient boundaries, need to control, lack of direction, moving through karma, and freedom from co-dependency. Thus, I cover these states in my Flower of Life system.

The Flower of Life system paves the way for proper ascension or evolution. To heal is a highly spiritual act. The connection with the Soul needs to open in order to remove the fearful ego and the auto-pilot reactions. Moving from our old selves to our new selves proves to be necessary during this great awakening. There is much personal work to be done but it is necessary.

After a full homeopathic consultation to verify the subject is ready for expansion, I offer a sequence of essences and curriculum through a 5-month process. Each month, you are guided through a curriculum detailed for the situations you are working on. The specific system essences help you move through, without falter: The first month shakes the tree to Release, Control, and Restore. The second month moves through disillusionment with Understanding, Boundaries, and Protection. The third month clears the path with Destiny and Direction. The fourth month begins to realign you with the Divine by creating humbleness with Grace, Freedom, and Faith. Month five is bringing upon you the higher energies through the essences Alignment, Karma, and Success. The goal of full discernment generally takes longer than 5-months. The process is individualistic and requires a commitment from you to you.

Flower essences are amazing because within the month, your cells are reprogrammed by these positive vibrations that flowers carry. All you have to do is take the drops as indicated.

The biggest misunderstanding about healing is the belief that one is not accountable for this process. Shifting blame to responsibility and putting in the work requires a dedication unlike any. I always say this is a journey, as I have stumbled, climbed, fallen, gotten back up to fall again, and then finally moved into discernment. Remember, it is our free will. May your journey be resplendent.



"call your second self, dear granddaughter, soul. 

YOUR soul. 

And cherish it, and act in accord with this limitless soul of yours." - The Space of Love