Shamanic Passage Affiliates


Love and Integrity

Blessed to have practitioners that share the same love and integrity foundations as Shamanic Passage LLC.  

Common Goals

Our affiliates have common goals to help others in a peaceful yet professional environment.  


Affiliate practitioners are renting space with Shamanic Passage LLC.  While they share our common goals, they represent themselves through their own businesses.  The affiliates are licensed/certified and insured. It is best to contact them directly, with numbers provided, for more information and to schedule appointments.

Form & Function

Sarah Hankammer LMT, NMT, CST

Form & Function massage and bodywork practitioner. Sarah will be available for  appointments 10-6pm Wednesday - Saturday in our office, Shamanic Passage  LLC.
Sarah has many talents with a focus on getting your body moving!
She is a therapeutic massage therapist with these fine skills (but not limited to):
* Myofasical Release
* British Sports Therapy
* Lymphatic
* Prenatal
* Reflexology
* Vibrational Tuning
* Aromatherapy
You can schedule appointments with  Sarah directly at 904-318-1704.  


Alternative Therapies with Susan


Susan Sanders, Certified TRE & Reiki Master Practitioner

Susan is available Tuesdays 10-5 for TRE ®  and Reiki sessions.
Susan was introduced to TRE®  in 2013 and began using it regularly to  reduce and manage stress. After experiencing a decrease in back pain;  better sleep; reduced symptoms of stress &  the ability to better  handle stressful situations, she wanted to share it with others and  completed the 18 month certification process during the summer of 2018.  She is also certified Reiki Master. 

Contact Susan directly for more information for her services or to make an appointment: (636) 283-8308