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Shamanic Passage is spiritually based, family team devoted to assist clients in their passages.
The team works together to provide a unique opportunity to facilitate major changes in their client’s lives through shamanism, homeopathy, flower essences, crystal therapy, animal wellness, and spirituality based life coaching.  With a non-denominational approach, it offers the opportunity to help a variety of clients.  Their focus is to clear away what holds the client back from their potential.  Typically there are many obstacles in which the team can help identify and influence changes.  They fully understand it is up to each individual to act out the necessary transitions because we have our own consciousness.  

The goal is to bring about a transformation on all levels. This is what will change the world.  


Shamanic Passage's goal is to help others above all else.  

We consider everyone's situation.  We Love helping others!  You're our family too.

The Team

Gerry Page

Native American Shaman

Amy Page

Soul Assistant

The Barefoot Homeopath

Garrett Page

The Krystal Star

The Chicken Whispers

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Introducing Flower of Life Essences

Amy is very grateful to bring this powerful essence system to you!    We’re all finding our purpose to live in a meaningful and passionate way and what a better way to do so with the gentle yet powerful assistance of these flower essences.  It has been a special journey for Amy and we hope it will for you too.  


"I was amazed with the healing steps through this program and am so glad that I completed it with great results!" Renee K, Green Bay, WI

"This is one of the most comprehensive, challenging (healing/growth), and enlightening programs I've ever been on. Journaling is equally as essential as the essences...which reminds me, I need to write in my journal..."  Nora Kumu Kaleolani, St Charles, MO

What is the goal?

Flower of Life essences has the potential for powerful spiritual alignment. This is a sacred rebirth process if correctly completed. These essences can help to overcome fears, create openings where previously closed, assist in connecting to the higher-self, stronger self-awareness & provide a pathway to enlightenment by revealing the innate harmony in the template of all life.   Click on the graphic to learn more.

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Please contact us for directions and availability as we work in home and remotely.  

Located conveniently 45 minutes from Downtown St Louis, MO, US in the beautiful and tranquil bluffs area.



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